Orders, offers, stocks, invoices, expenses...
Fiduly makes my life easy!

  I save my orders or synchronize them from my webshop ✔  I generate delivery notes, preparation slips and manage my transporters I invoice my customers in one click   Fiduly automatically generates recurring orders
  I follow my customers from the commercial offer to the product or service delivery   I custom brand my documents (quotes, invoices, reminders, purchase orders) ✔ I personalize my emails and can schedule bulk mailings
  I register my expenses on the go I manage my suppliers and can create purchase orders   Creation of payment orders in Swiss Pain.001 format for E-banking   Expense accounting and payment reconciliation are automated

Full integration with e-commerce software

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  Automatic synchronization of orders, items and customer list from WooCommerce and PrestaShop ✔  Generate and send invoices from orders in one click  Your bookkeeping is done automatically Fiduly regularly synchronizes all information in orders ✔ Order canceled on your site? No problem. Its status will change in Fiduly within the hour!