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Support - my clients


Create or modify a contact

On the left-side navigation menu choose  « My business » / « Contacts ».

Click on «New contact».

Complete the contact form and click on “Save”. The contact is automatically saved in the contact list.

If you want to add a delivery address (which will be on orders and delivery notes), click on +

In the “additional details”, you can enter the language of correspondence (for all your quotes/invoices), and modify the payment period, if you wish to grant a period other than the default.

Generate a quote to a customer

On the left-side navigation menu choose  « My business » / « Quotes».

On the page, click on «New quote».

Lookup an existing contact or create a new one

Fill in the required fields and click on “Save” for a simple save, “Save and send” to send the quote. It is also possible to send a quote from the contact list. Open the “Action” window on the desired contact and click on “Quote”.

Manage customer accounts

On the “Contacts” page, click on the desired contact in the list. You have access to the customer’s data and their history (invoices issued, received, quotes) as well as their unpaid balance, credits and turnover.