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How do I configure the automatic synchronization of orders placed on my e-commerce site with Fiduly?

1- Start by creating and API Key in your eCommerce platform
  • Tutorial for woocommerce:
  • Tutorial for prestashop : 2- Then on the left-side navigation menu click on « Settings»/«eCommerce »
  • Choose which eCommerce platform you are using “woocommerce” or “prestahop “
  • Enter the API parameters that you created previously.
  • Click on “Update”.
  • These parameters will no longer be displayed by Fiduly for security reasons, so no longer press “update” at the risk of erasing your values.
  • Then you can synchronize the customer list manually. If a contact with the same email address already exists in Fiduly, the contact will not be imported.
  • Synchronize the list of products manually
  • Switch the automatic synchronisation to « ON »
3- Fiduly will automatically synchronize all your sales orders at regular intervals.
  • If an order corresponds to a new customer, Fiduly will import this new customer into Fiduly. The same goes for new products.
  • Fiduly synchronizes all the information contained in the orders: customer, billing and delivery addresses, list of products ordered, prices, VAT, quantities, discounts etc.
  • Fiduly even synchronizes the status of your order as configured in your ecommerce site, under the “Situation ” section.