Fast and comprehensive Swiss invoicing software

I can edit and view my documents in real time Choice between different models of invoices, quotes, purchase orders and delivery notes   I can include a Swiss payment slip by QR-Code   Fiduly automatically generates subscription invoices and recurring orders
  I can send the documents by email   I custom brand the content of my emails   In one click, I generate and send invoices from orders thanks to grouped operations
  Payment reconciliation is automated   Fiduly generates reminder documents Managing payments, overpayments, discounts and credit notes becomes very easy
  Fiduly automatically generates accounting entries related to invoices, expenses, payments, discounts, advances, reductions and credit notes. Fiduly calculates and manages the VAT according to your settlement method: effective, net or not subject to VAT I remain compliant with Swiss legal obligations
  I can attach to the quotes a Swiss QR-Code bulletin for the payment of downpayments  ✔ I can make downpayment requests   Fiduly manages the down payment accounting for me Fiduly automatically deducts the installments from the final invoice

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