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Support - Payroll


How to configure the salary module?

The calculation of each salary results from the combination of data specific to each employee with data related to the company, including insurance and social funds that the company has subscribed to.
In the navigation menu, choose “My HR” and click on “Payroll settings.
  • Start by configuring the data related to insurances and funds.
  • Familiarize yourself with payroll lines.
  • This list defines the different types of salary: indemnities, allowances, costs and employee and employer contributions, and their financial accounting.
  • If necessary you can edit a line or add more (by duplicating a line).
  • If you edit or add a line, press “save” or “cancel” to ignore your changes.
  • Then, under each tab, configure the different funds and contribution rates as communicated by your funds (Caisse).
  • You can have different funds or solutions for the same heading. For example, a LAA executive insurance and another for another category of employees with different rates.
  • Click on “Save”

How to add an employee?

  • In the main menu, go to “My HR”, then “Employees”.
  • Click on the green cross to add an employee
  • Fill in the various employee information (main details, bank details, administrative details).
  • Enter her/his usual salary.
  • You can have different models. The latter will be taken into account by Fiduly as the current salary.
  • Fill in the different insurances then “Save” to take into account the modifications of the employee file.

How to generate a payslip?

  • In the main menu, go under “My HR”, then “Payroll”.
  • Click on the green cross
  • Enter the employee’s name, choose the period.
  • The payslip will be generated according to the values configured in “Employee” and “Company”.
  • Check / modify if necessary
  • Save

How to count the private part of the professional vehicle?

When an employee can use a company vehicle free of charge for their personal needs (private use), the value of this private use (excluding trips between home and work) constitutes a salary element at the rate of 9.6 per cent of the purchase price of the vehicle excluding VAT per year (0.8 per month) or at least CHF 1,800. This element of salary is subject to AVS and VAT. #Example: purchase price of a vehicle excluding VAT: CHF 63,800.00 including 0.8% per month: = CHF 510.40 per month
Fiduly will automatically add the corresponding benefit in kind reversal and calculate the corresponding VAT if you are subject to VAT.

How to count the benefits in kind and appreciable in money?

  • In-kind benefits and cash appreciable benefits are subject to AVS contributions and must be added to salary lines.
  • Fiduly will automatically add the corresponding deduction lines.
  • For example :
  • Deductions :
  • Private use of the company vehicle is included in Correction for private part of professional vehicle
  • Cash appreciable benefits, Employee Options and Employee Shares are included in the Correction cash benefit deduction.
  • Optional employer’s part LAA supplement is retained in the deduction Correction of LAA cash benefit
  • IJM employer’s optional share is retained in the deduction Correction of cash benefits
  • LPP employer optional part is retained in the deduction Compensation for employer BVG contributions
  • Employer’s optional LPP buyback portion is retained in the deduction Employer LPP buyback compensation
  • The benefits of Free housing, Free meals and Reduced rental accommodation rent are included in the Correction for benefits in kind deduction.
  • These configurations can be changed in the “My HR”/”Payroll settings” /”Salary type” sections.